What is Kenpo

Law of the Fist

Kenpo is an art of self-defense practiced in the Far East since the earliest days. Originated by the Great Priest Daruma, Kenpo is considered more complete than any other art of self-defense. Although comparable in some ways to boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo and wrestling, Kenpo has its own unique techniques. When unarmed, with the use of Kenpo one can capably fell an aggressive foe by striking, thrusting, or kicking him. Experts claim that nothing can surpass this art.

Masters of Kenpo number their arts, in the order of importance as follows:

  • Punching
  • Striking
  • Kicking
  • Throwing and locking

The reason for this order is that punching, striking and kicking are faster than throwing or any other art. If it is possible to grab the lapel, or any part of the body of an opponent for the purpose of throwing him, it is also possible to punch, strike or kick him. Not only is it possible but it is much more practicable since it is easier and faster.

Punching, striking and kicking are the best methods of self-defence. A person who is attacked should strive to preserve his physical resources and to use his strength and energy economically; in actual combat he should not risk exhausting himself by attempting to grab and throw his opponent. For a person to use throwing tricks and thus leave his vital spots exposed to his opponent is very dangerous. This danger is also multiplied if he is faced with more than one opponent.

The Value of Kenpo

It is characteristic of Kenpo that a person not necessarily need equipment to learn it. In this respect, it differs from most other sports. Kenpo is not dangerous to the participants and they reap great benefits in improving health. It does not matter if the participant is a man or woman, young or old, weak or strong. The practice of Kenpo is to advance with suitable speed to the certain clear-cut objective, a persons entire strength concentrated in his fist or foot. The flexing of the limbs and the bending of the body, by the use of various techniques, is also accomplished at a certain speed.

Kenpo develops confidence in one’s self, builds up good character in a person, develops keenness and sharpness of ones eyes, develops one’s mind to quick judgement, thinking and concentration.

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